Overview CoPHC SUMMER 7's

Predict League Overview - CoPHC SUMMER 7's

This is an overview/changelog for the development of Predict League since it's launch for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and more recently with the introduction of the 2024 EUROS.

  1. 30.05.24
    • Added event support to enable event specific fixtures, leaderboards etc
    • Added the 2024 Euro's and CoPHC Summer 7's as predictable events.
  2. 27.11.22
    • Added point breakdown so you can see a users predictions from the Leaderboard
    • Added spam prevention on sign-ups (didn't take long for those to hit the site!)
  3. 26.11.22
    • Added Group page and overview/changelog to the site
    • Fixed bug for GD on games which were drawn