Rules CoPHC SUMMER 7's

Predict League Rules - CoPHC SUMMER 7's

These are the rules for the Predict League Rules for the - CoPHC SUMMER 7's.

  1. General Rules
    • Predictions can be made up to 1 hour before kick-off at which point the fixture will become locked and you will not be able to edit your predictions
    • Acheivements will be awarded for certain milestones during the event - this will include number of predictions, correct predictions and exact results acheived during the competition.
  2. Points:
    • 3 points are awarded for a successful out come prediction i.e. you say it will be a home team win and the home team wins
    • 1 additional point is awarded for each team score you predict correctly i.e. you predict a 2-1 home win and the result is 3-1 you would get 3 points + 1 point for the away team scoring 1 goal.
    • If you get the score spot on you will be awarded 2 bonus points bringing your total for that game to 7 points.
  3. Knockout Stages
    • The knockout stages of the competition will be treated as 3 mini-predictions with the later for extra time and penalties being awarded only if the previous round is predicted as a draw. Each stage has there for 3 x 7 points available for predicting:
      • Regulation time
      • Extra time
      • Penalties